About Us

Shadow Realms LARP is an exciting fantasy LARP (Live Action Role Playing) Shadow Realms LARP looks to provide a unique medieval fantasy setting.

In Shadow Realms LARP you create a character concept for a fantasy story and actually play the character. It is much like improvisational theatre except you have the framework created by props and supporting characters. Your character’s attitudes, ambitions and history are yours to define.

Players play their character and solve mysteries throughout the event, from short plot lines lasting a few hours to long plot lines lasting multiple days, months or even years. Plot members and Non-player characters interact with players providing clues and hints to the differing plot lines.

Combat in Shadow Realms LARP is simulated using ‘boffer’ weapons made from PVC Piping, pipe insulation, open cell foam and duct tape. All weapons must meet all safety requirements and must be checked by a Plot member before it may be used in game. Safety is Number #1.