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 Post subject: Chemistry for sale!
PostPosted: March 18th, 2020, 1:25 pm 
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My research is going quite well, and I'm happy to announce I am ready to begin selling my wares! Please see the price list below, and feel free to inquire for custom orders! Any chemistry that needs to be applied to a weapon or loaded into a trap comes with those services included for free!
Inquiries can be made with Marigold Fireheart, and I can be found at the barracks or in the tavern most often. Regular alchemy also available.

Polymorph - Squirrel (Ingested) - 40g OR 32g with components provided
The biggie! Tired of being a person? Wish you could just hide in a tree for a while? Got locked out of your house and need to climb through the tiny chimney? This is the chemistry for you! This concoction miraculously transmogrifies the target into a squirrel for 10 minutes, and it only takes 5 seconds to take effect. And don't worry about your items, they'll be safely absorbed and inaccessible, so can't be stolen. You'll be amazed at just how quick on your (4) feet you are, and how easy it is to hide amongst the foliage. Your sense of smell will be better than ever, too! And worried about not being able to talk to your friends? If your friend is a nature caster, you still can, with only a single first-level spell!

Full Heal (Ingested) - 30g OR 24g with components provided
Sometimes a Restore just isn't enough to fix all your wounds, but you don't need to bother with all that pesky "bringing a soul back to a body" mess. Chemistry can't replicate the power of the gods, but that's alright. Simply drink a Full Heal, and you'll be as healthy as ever, including any extra toughness from augmentation magic or similar!

Cure Wounds (Gas Globe) - 5g OR 4g with components provided
The effect of a cure wounds alchemy, but in throwable form! Can't get to a friend who's bleeding out, but need them healed? This is for you! (if you know herbalism) As a bonus, you can load 3 into an alchemical trap, and heal all your friends within a 10ft radius at once! Traps also available for purchase.

Restore (Ingested) - 30g OR 24g with components provided
The effect of a Restore potion, but alchemical! Especially useful for Dulinn during the day.

Minor Acid Vorpal (Contact Gel) - 7.5g OR 6g with components provided
Explosive alchemy is too dangerous for most folks to handle safely, but what about when you need to take care of a pesky war troll? Contact gel is safe and effective to land that final blow with! If you really want your weapon to pass through armour or troll hide like it isn't even there, this will let you do that for one swing, while also slightly increasing the amount of damage done to your target.

Metachemistry - Concentrate - price variable
Many chemistry or alchemy recipes can be concentrated to be even stronger than their original versions. Want a major strength that's more like the strength of an ogre? I can do that! Want that enemy even weaker than the gas globe normally grants? You've got it! Concentrate can up to quadruple the strength of a recipe. Feel free to inquire directly for specifics.

Metachemistry - Extend - price variable
Any chemistry or alchemy recipe with a time component can be both lengthened and shortened! This will proportionally increase or decrease the cost of the recipe. Want a major strength to last a full weekend? Need to keep an enemy webbed or paralyzed for longer than just 10 minutes? Want to be a squirrel for a full day? Inquire with Marigold!

Research - 1g per day
I can be commissioned to research any legal chemistry effect you desire, if it's possible within the boundaries of our world. Just come and ask me!

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