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 Post subject: Terryl
PostPosted: February 3rd, 2014, 10:04 pm 

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Dear Bacchus;

I ask thee a great favour, not for myself, but for a lost soul who journeys in the afterlife. He shall not walk this way again in this life. His name is Terryl, a Rekesh of great worth. I am ashamed that I do not know what God he worshiped, but in this life he was a truly noble soul. Help him, Oh Bacchus, to find his way to the joyous afterlife he has so definitely earned.
In times of great stress he was a calm voice of reason. When danger called he stood his ground nobly, although he claimed himself to be a coward.
When my mind was befuddled and torn asunder by spores, contact with the seals and the burden of carrying Legbas' soul with me, it was Terryl, always Terryl who calmed my fevered brow with his wise words, compassion and great caring. I would have destroyed myself if not for his quiet voice calling to me in my darkness.
This world is made lessor by his loss. Your world is made greater.
Guide him, dear Bacchus, to whatever heaven he deserves. Lead him to the gates of whichever God or Goddess he worshiped, and speak for him in my name. If, somehow, his deeds fall short of earning him entry then offer him my seat at the great feast. Gladly would I abandon heaven for him, that he might finally have peace for all eternity.
I offer you this mushroom wine from Father Augustus' private stock as dedication and payment for your action in this matter. It is a small price to pay for Terryls' happiness.

I am your humble servant


((A bottle of wine is left on the alter with this scroll))

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