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 Post subject: August 24-26th 2018 Announcements
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Hello everyone! please look at the announcements as they pertain to some tenting locations. also because they are cool!

Event Structure:
As always: The story is hooked through you folks going out and seeking adventure! If you don’t feel like adventure, that’s fine. But if you are itching for a story, you will need to go out there and find it! These could be instamods, wandering creatures or actions you and your fellow players want to carry out on your own accord. Plot will do our best to be ready to roll with what you want to do!

AS A REMINDER: Last call for PC hooked mods or instamods is 11am on Sunday.

Tenting Area:
NPC/PC tenting areas: This month and going forward, we are eliminating the designated PC and NPC camping areas within Tiffin’s ground camping area (the area we are allowed to camp). This to help address complaints that the noise around the camp fire gets very loud late at night when some people want to sleep. We understand that the majority of RP at night does happen around the camp fire and we do not wish to limit that. This is an RPG we LOVE roleplay! As a solution we are eliminating the rule that PCs must camp closer to the fire put and NPCs must camp further away. This is to allow PCS to camp as far away from the camp fire (WITHIN Tiffin’s group camping area) as they see fit, to escape the late-night noise. The further you are from the fire pit, the quieter it will be.

Tent Raiding: Tent raiding is something we occasionally do at Shadow realms. Due to the changes above it is possible for an NPC tent to be mistaken for a PC tent. IF a tent is only for NPCS please tie a white ribbon to the entrance of your tent to notify potential tent raiders that this is an OOG NPC tent and no fun will be had there.

NPC and PC specific Tenting: with our smaller game it is sometimes difficult to always find tenting space weather you’re an NPC or PC. Therefore, going forward we are allowing NPCS and PCS to sleep in
the same tent. HOWEVER, this comes with a few stipulations:

1. A white OOG band CANNOT be placed on the tent and the NPCS accept their sleep might be disturbed by a tent raid.
2. ALL PCS must sleep closer to the entrance of the tent then their NPC tentmates. An NPC can not interfere with a tent raid in anyway. We do not want anyone to gain an unintentional advantage from an NPC in their tent when they are being tent raided.

New Format: You will notice instamods now have a clearer OOG statement on what to do with them once you find one. Instamods will read either:


Players who encounter MANDATORY instamods must go on that adventure and bring the instamod to plot when encountered. Players who encounter OPTIONAL instamods can choose to walk on by and not engage that adventure.

In addition, Instamods that are specifically designed to provide a challenge to lower level characters are labelled as “LOW LEVEL”. These instamods are always OPTIONAL and are being labelled to help new players find instamods that they might feel are within their skill range as well as guide higher level players away from these instamods in hopes of finding other mods in their skill ranger.

This does not mean lower level players cannot have higher level players with them, or that instamods not labelled LOW LEVEL are impossible for lower level players either. It is specifically a handful of instamods that were written with lower level players in mind. We will be aiming to have about 3 up per event.

Preferred Pronouns.
As a reminder, Shadow Realms has actively been striving towards being a respectful, safe, and inclusive space. If any player makes a request regarding pronouns, green armband/sensitive roleplay, physical boundaries/comfort zones, etc, it is expected that you politely do your best to accommodate those requests. We have faith that the Shadow Realms community is made up of people who earnestly believe as much as we do that everyone deserves a chance to feel comfortable and respected while larping.

Possible Non-Rule Book Effects You Might See:
These are effects you might encounter this event

Blood Boil: A magical effect. Literally makes your blood boil in your body. You take a stun, and take damage equal to half your maximum body.

Command: A mind affecting magical effect. Caster can give a single 10-word command that the victim must complete to the best of their ability. The target will wait 1 minute for the 10 word commend. If not given one, the spell fades. The Command does not fade until they complete the task, or have Dispel Enchantment, Restore, or Life cast upon them. Defenses as per any other enchantment spell.

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