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PostPosted: October 16th, 2019, 3:07 pm 
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The game has undergone a soft reset. The goal of the soft reset is to enable future plot teams more freedom and flexibility in the stories they tell without having to check with 15 years of plot lines for consistency.

What has happened IG, is that another version of you has lived through this New Dremlin. But suddenly becomes flooded with memories of the Old Dremlin, as though the two versions of yourself are made one. And you find yourself in Epertoch.

Please read the following all the way through!

Here are the definite changes about your character:
1. You are now in Epertoch (setting details coming soon!)
2. Your memories of New Dremlin are hazy and patchy (to allow future plot teams flexibility!)
3. Your memories of Old Dremlin are intact as per your character's perspective (i.e. this does not undo Forgets, etc.)

Here are the things that do NOT change about your character:
1. Their character sheet
2. Their number of deaths
3. Their items

Here are the things that MIGHT change, if you want.
1. You can REMOVE reputations and associations you previously had (i.e. membership in a guild, criminal pasts, etc.) to be different in New Dremlin. This will NOT remove memories of what has happened in Old Dremlin. That remains unchanged. This is an OOG decision, your character isn't choosing this.
2. You CANNOT gain reputation or associations in New Dremlin that you did not have in Old Dremlin.

What you need to do:
1. If you have an already existing character, please email plot about which reputations and associations you wish to keep or remove. Plot needs to approve these changes (most importantly, so we know what the new world thinks of you!)
2. You are are making a new character, you don't have to worry! Your character never existed in Old Dremlin.
3. If you have any production or research, submit them as usual. New Dremlin you made them/researched.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: email! We're more than happy to help :D

Amy Kipping
Story Teller

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