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PostPosted: October 21st, 2016, 10:33 pm 

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As we gear up again for our final weekend event of the warned!

To the PCs braving the dangers of the Hallow'een Event, every year we try to end off with a bang. Inconceivable horrors may be unleashed, gods may walk the earth, the undead crawl from their graves, hordes of relentless beasts may assault while allies and foes alike struggle to survive the most dangerous time of the year. Those who make it unscathed are amongst the small few. Lives and sanities are lost on this most frightful event.

You risk death more this event than any other. You may die more than once. On the Hallows, the line between this world and the ones beyond it have blurred, and the great and terrible forces that threaten existence as your characters know it enjoy their greatest strength. We will be sending out many Killing Blow Active monsters. Very few things will -not- be out to kill you. Tent raiding will be a very real reality beyond the occasional bandit, but creatures that thirst for your blood. Setting up watches is advised.

But with challenge comes reward. Due to the increased danger on Hallow'een, we award double XP to all PCs attending the event, and the bold (or just plain lucky!) adventurer just might find opportunities for rich jewels or even rare treasure!

This is the event where we don't hold back, but the Shadow Realms team's focus on the story is still top priority, as always! We will not simply send wave after wave of monsters to destroy you all without any real point. That's not fun for you or us. However, there will still be times when hiding in the woods is the most prudent choice. It will be cold and very likely wet. Don't get caught unprepared. Running is always an option, but on the Hallows even more so.

Note: due to the direct correlation with risk and reward on this event unlike any other, you must remain IG as much as possible. If you have to go OOG, you MUST notify a plot member and explain why and let us know when you go back IG. If we find you have been too long Out Of Game, we may feel it unfair to reward you the same experience as other players who stuck it out throughout. Obviously, OOG safety comes first, but we want to keep things fair.

Please dress appropriately! We’ve had some people far too cold than what is healthy and we really want to make sure that while you are in grave danger IG, you are safe OOG.

Check out this thread for some tips!

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