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 Post subject: Declaration of War between Kalona and Valon
PostPosted: May 27th, 2018, 9:25 am 
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By DIVINE RESOLUTION, declaring that a State of War shall begin between the Barony of Kalona and the Kingdom of Valon.

Therefore be it resolved by his majesty King Darius, that the state of war between the kingdom of Valon and the Barony of Kalona, which has been thrust upon the kingdom of Valon, is hereby formally declared. His Majesty, King Darius, shall bring to bear all of the forces and resources of the kingdom to carry out war with Kalona, to bring the conflict to a successful termination, all resources are hereby pledged by his majesty King Darius.

This shall continue until such time that Kalona cedes the territories, which belong to his majesty, by right of conquest.


-Members of the armed forces,
-Members of a Regular or Volunteer Militia unit,
-Members of guerrilla units,
-Members of non-occupied nations, that take up arms against the

-Wearing of a fixed and distinct uniform or mark of authority,
-Open Carriage of arms (this includes, but is not limited to)
-Mundane weapons,
-Dangerous Alchemies,
-Harmful spells and unique abilities which mimic such things,
-Acting under the command of a responsible leader,
- Those Obeying the law of war

- Unaligned medical Personnel,
- Chaplains (Lay worshippers),
- Agricultural personnel

- Hospitals,
- Places of Worship

Should enemy forces utilize these structures, they forfeit their protected status


- SEARCH: Removal of all weapons and items of possible intelligence. Leaving prisoners with enough to defend themselves during transport.
- SILENCE: Do not allow prisoners to converse
- SAFEGUARD: Guard prisoners, allow no further action be taken against them, whether by other prisoners or allied Combatants
-SEGREGATE: Separate the prisoners (Male from female, officer from enlisted, Religion... ect)
-SPEED: Ensure these processes are conducted as quickly as possible, while still remaining an effective fighting force.
-TAG: Ensure proper documentation of their capture


-EXPLOSIVES: These effects and Alchemies shall be permitted, only to be used in a manner which does not cause unnecessary suffering
-DARK MAGICS: The magics of Chaos and Necromancy are considered "Treacherous means of warfare" and are prohibited under the law of war
-TREACHERY: Treachery is a means of injuring the enemy through their adherence to the Law of war, and thusly is considered a violation.
-ASSASSINATION: Targeting Military leadership is considered legal in accordance to the law of war; targeting purely civilian personnel is strictly prohibited

These are the beginning of discussions between the Kingdom of Valon and the Barony of Kalona. His Majesty will allow the enemies of Valon an opportunity to contact and discuss further these rules of engagement.

The leaders of Kalona will have one (1) months time

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