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 Post subject: A New Declaration of War
PostPosted: October 12th, 2018, 5:58 pm 
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"To the residents of North Colebrook,

This will not be a declaration like that originally given by King Darius. I am not one for such formalities.

There were accusations laid against me recently. Some true, some false. But I shall come forward with what was true.

I did betray my own people once, many years ago, I used my enchantment powers to force my own troops to keep fighting when they got routed. I dominated them to keep going because I thought we would win. However, we did not, and their blood was the price paid for my hubris.

The guilt of that choice has plagued me for over a century, and was even why I originally rid myself of the mantle of a war lord. I do not expect forgiveness from my people for my choices made then. I do not deserve it.

Forgiveness is not earned from guilt alone.

Though, if I am able to actually develop and protect the legitimate borders of Valon, fight for it and make it a legitimized Kingdom, I have at least helped make a home for my people. Then, if someone chose to forgive me, I will have earned it.

Know that I will do anything to succeed. Honour is nothing but a word on the battle field. What is honour when you are dying? What is honour when you lose everything you have worked for? And for this reason: there are no rules any longer.

Consider whether your lives are worth giving for the leaders you fight for. Who are you, to them? Are you their people, or just bodies to help protect them from the orcs further north? Is this a part of their homeland, with history and roots, or is the border merely a political statement to the world of Kalona's strength?

To your leaders, this area is just lines on a map that prove political prowess. To me, this area is salvation, not just for my people, but myself.

So think of the cause you fight for. Do you think it rattles you to your very soul as it does mine? Do you think that if you face me, your passion will match?

Do not fear the undead at night, or the darkly priests who may wish you ill. They do not have the fire and drive that I now do to win.

These paths will run red with blood.
We will take no prisoners and give no quarter.
Anyone not a Scion will be slain, and a message sent:

Incarnadine, Lady of Slaughter has returned."

Amy Kipping
Story Teller

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