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 Post subject: Rules Clarification: Double Damage
PostPosted: August 20th, 2019, 2:48 pm 
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This came up while the team was discussing event plans, and since some of us weren't sure exactly, we figured players might as well! Here's the skinny on interacting with rules where you take double damage from a specific source!

So first, here's the section from the rulebook that will be most relevant, regarding fae races and iron:
All Fae are discomfited by even the slightest touch of iron. If a Fae touches iron they will experience anything from a mild allergic reaction to an intense burning sensation. There is no damage taken and the effect of merely touching iron varies between Fae. However if the character takes Damage to Body or Armour from an iron weapon, they will always take double damage from it. This extra damage is always in effect.
So this covers two things - one, unless damage is dealt, the effect of the substance is roleplay only, and the severity of it is up to the player. Anything from feeling a little itchy like a cheap wool sweater, to actual pain is valid, and this means that your character can absolutely 'grin and bear it' to conceal their reaction should they wish to do so, especially as there are no visible symptoms. Like someone with a headache, you often can't tell they're in discomfort unless they tell or show you!

Second, there is no way to immediately tell how much damage you've dealt to another character unless skills like Threshold or Minimize are in play. A 1 minute medical inspection using the Medical Arts skill is required to tell exactly how much body a character is missing, outside of this skill it's up to the player struck to roleplay their wounds as they feel appropriate for the scene. So while striking a character for 10 Iron (and dealing 20 if they're fae!) is likely to have a very dramatic effect, there's no way to know if the player is choosing their roleplay reaction because they're human and only have 15 body, or they're fae and have 30 body - both characters have lost the same percent of their body points, and their reactions would likely be the same (all else being equal).

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