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 Post subject: Alchemical Shatter vs constructs
PostPosted: September 18th, 2019, 3:25 pm 

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Shatter: This gas globe will destroy any one hand held item that the target is using, up to a 3
foot diameter, or any held weapon, and causes 5 points of Alchemical Fire damage. The call for this is
“Alchemical Shatter!”

Is it a mistake that alchemical shatter doesn't deal 20 damage to beings made of stone, earth, metal, crystal etc like the skill and magical counterparts.

Spell Name for Incant: “Shatter” or “Shatter on <your item>”
Duration: Instantaneous
Description: Totally destroys any non living target up to and including the size of a regular shield (3 foot circle) or any weapon. Also inflicts 5 points of Magic fire damage to the user of the item that is shattered, regardless of what the item is that was shattered. The caster may specify the item to be shattered, if not it is the targets choice provided it is an item being actively held. This spell also inflicts 20 magic fire damage to beings made primarily of a solid mineral, such as stone, metal, earth, crystal, glass, ice, clay or mithril, but not wood.

Shatter (Technique)
SP Cost: 3, Pre requisites: Weapon Damage +2
Description: A warrior may break any item, weapon or shield and inflict 5 points of damage with a successful attack. Note that the target’s body can also be hit in order to shatter a hand held item or an item on their person (Like a sheathed stiletto). The declaration is “Physical Shatter [Specific Item]”. The shattered item could be a weapon, scroll, potion, necklace etc., and is permanently destroyed. If you shatter a pouch or other container, the container itself is shattered, not the contents of the container. If a prepared alchemical gas globe is shattered, either in a foe’s hand or on their person, both the foe and the warrior take full effect of the gas globe. If a being made of stone, glass, metal, crystal etc. are struck by a shatter, they suffer 20 damage. If targeting Body Weaponry, a Shatter will inflict 5 Body Damage and render one hand of the Body Weaponry unusable until the damage is healed.

Stef H
Rules Marshal

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