Prelog Form

    Player Information

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    Character Name (the one you intend to play at the event) *

    Method of Payment

    Will you be renting costumes or weapons? Please note that each item rented costs an additional $5 and you are allowed to only rent 1 boffer (Shield, Weapon, or otherwise)
    If Yes, what will you need?

    Will you be back paying for any events?
    If Yes, which events will you be back paying for?

    Grab Bags and Skill Point Expenditures

    Did you receive Plot approval for a point of costume or NPC bonus Experience (XP) last event?

    Did you sponsor a new player last event, and was your sponsor XP approved by Plot?

    For this event, what skills do you intend to purchase with your XP? If purchasing a spell, please include the name of the spell.
    Skill Name: SP Cost:
    Is this skill/spell fully purchased?
    Skill Name: SP Cost:
    Is this skill/spell fully purchased?
    Skill Name: SP Cost:
    Is this skill/spell fully purchased?
    * Banked character XP is for the character that you are prelogging only. Banked player XP is all XP that the player has that has NOT yet been applied to any characters (ie, XP earned by NPCing).
    Total XP Spent:
    Character XP left:
    Player XP left:

    Are there any donations or volunteer hours spent that we should be aware of to properly update your grab bag total? If so, please list below.

    Will you be spending any grab bags this event?
    If yes, on what and how many?

    Production and In-Game Purchases

    What purchases, if any, does your character wish to make in-game? Please detail below, including where you would like to make these purchases or from what non-player characters (NPCs). Also: Please note that this is intended for basic equipment only. Rare commodities must be found in-game. Please also keep in mind that item availability may vary depending on in-game circumstances.

    Were these purchases marshaled by a Plot member prior to the event?
    If yes, which Plot member(s) marshaled the purchase(s)?

    If you have production to spend, please specify what items you intend to produce.

    NOTE: If you fail to prelog your production expenditures, you will receive only half production for the event.

    If you are intending to spend production and immediately sell your produced items to an NPC or use them (for instance, to cover guild dues), please specify how below.

    In-Game Actions and Roleplay

    Are there any scenes that you have requested Plot to run with you at log?

    If yes, what is the nature and purpose of the scene you would like to have run before you go IG? What NPCs are involved? Please be specific so plot can prepare your scene more thoroughly!

    NOTE: If you do NOT enter this information but request a scene, it will be assumed that your character is taking these actions on the Friday night of game.

    Do you have any questions that need to be answered before you go in-game this event?

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