Site Rules Reminder!
Please keep in mind the rules Tiffin has for us! Following these means we get to keep playing at Tiffin!

1) Tenting is only allowed in the camping area (PC camp and the adjacent camp)
2) Smoking can only happen at fire pits and the parking lot. This also goes for medicinal marijuana (non-medicinal is not allowed). Do NOT smoke on the paths, etc.
3) No non-medicinal drugs or alcohol allowed. You will be kicked off site if found under the influence.
4) Do not cut down trees, break off branches, etc. It’s a conservation site.
5) The hydro corridor is Crown Land. We can use it, but be wary that sometimes ATVs will go through.
6) There is an area near the classrooms that has maple lines. The area with maple lines is STRICTLY OFF LIMITS. You can walk the paths there, but you cannot go into the woods where the lines are.
7) When there are other groups (particularly weddings) please be courteous.
8) No sleeping in the buildings.
9) No offsite wood allowed (conservation area rules).
10) Pick up your trash, recycle responsibly.
11) You MUST always have a bucket of water by the fire pit when it’s lit. No fire can be left unattended.
12) Do not drink the water on site at PC camp. It is not (yet) potable.