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Bailiff's Decree, January 1020
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Author:  Kintobor [ January 20th, 2020, 6:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Bailiff's Decree, January 1020


It is my duty as the replacement of Guard Captain Ruth to inform everyone of the changing of the guard. Captain Ruth served her community with honour and respect, and was an example to all who bear the colours of the kingdom of Epertoch. May she enjoy her rest away from service.

It is also my duty as her replacement to introduce myself to the community I now serve. As your Bailiff, I, Artys Blackfang, have sworn to protect the residents and denizens of Astoria from harm, both within and without. However, I will not hold the title of Guard Captain. Under the jurisdiction of Anvon Idozu, Magistrate of Halsburg, I have been given the honour of holding the title of Bailiff for this community. As Bailiff, I will oversee the guard for this area, as any Captain of the Guard would, but I have also been given the authority to pass judgment during trials in this region, a duty I take knowing the responsibility it brings. As your Bailiff, I look to dole out justice when necessary, but also look to ensure that the punishment meets the crime. I am a staunch believer in the notion that the one who passes judgment should also be the one to carry out the sentence. In this frontier town, ensuring that our Queen's laws are maintained is a challenging task, but one I intend to take in stride.

As one of my first acts as Bailiff, all current members of the guard will see their base pay doubled before other additional bonuses to their pay. Anyone who wishes to join the guard will also see their payment doubled from what the payment was prior. All other benefits are being continued, including access to the outpost armoury, and access to our forge.

I look forward to serving this community, and being an integral figure in the growth and development of Astoria in the coming year.

-Bailiff Artys Blackfang

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