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Author:  TheDandler [ March 19th, 2020, 7:11 am ]
Post subject:  HERE COMES SPRING


Today is the day. A day which only comes twice a year; It’s fuckin’ Equinox time baby! Many believe these special days belong to our beloved trio of grey deities, the neutral gods. I, your favorite Uncle, am here to talk to you about everyone’s favorite morally ambiguous divine; Blessed Holy Bacchus!

Thankfully we are beginning to step out of the darkness of winter, the days lengthening. Many believe that night is the best time to indulge in all the best Bacchian pass times; Wine, drugs, love. I am here to turn you on to the thought that these are anytime activities and by indulging in the light of day you are showing you devotion to our lord of music and pleasure! There is no need to hide your vices and desires my brothers and sisters! Remember the ancient Bacchian wisdom;

“If you’re into it, just be into it”

Many will try to tell you that your love of hallucinogens or your intense attraction to feet are things to be ashamed of. I am here to tell you that those people are fools! Our Lord loves you for all your little eccentricities! So long as you are honestly seeking your bliss, he’s with you.

Do you like some wine with breakfast? Hell yeah!

You and your lover skip out on a little work to bang behind the barn? Very nice!

Does spending your weeks end totally reorganizing your business accounting forms give you spiritual joy? Uh … Sure man you go!

So today, on this day of the Equinox, balance out the hardships of winter with a good time to welcome the coming spring!
And for those with nowhere to celebrate? The Bacchian shrine may be small but our worshipers are raucous and the springs hot! Stop on by!

Be well everyone and praise Bacchus!

- Uncle “Rusty”

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