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Download SR Rulebook 2014 (unformatted version)

The Latest Shadow Realms Rule book is available for download. The 2014 release is current as of May 2014; this link  to the file on our Facebook group is temporary until the final, formatted version of the revised rulebook is made available here. If you have any questions or comments about the rules please post them on the Rules and Rulings section of the Shadow Realms Forums.

Download SR Character Sheet(Printable PDF)
Download SR Character Sheet(Online Form PDF)
Download SR Character Sheet(Excel Spreadsheet)

Character Sheet for use with the current SR rulebook. Every player is required to have a current character sheet on them at all times.

For your first event of the season, please try and have two copies ready for log: one to keep yourself, and one for Plot’s reference.

Shadow Realms Health and Safety Waiver 2020
Shadow Realms Official Policies

Shadow Realms is an organization which combines live role playing with physical combat.Physical combat is simulated with the use of padded replicas of ancient weapons. Combat involves padded weapons striking your body, sometimes with significant force. Combat also involves maneuvering around obstacles, indoors and outdoors, over uneven terrain and through obstructions which may or may not be readily visible, such as trees, rocks, holes, etc. Participation at Shadow Realms may involve overnight outdoor camping in the wilderness. Although Shadow Realms strives to provide a fun and safe gaming environment, the possibility for serious personal injury, does exist.

Please be sure to bring a signed waiver to your first event of the season.

Players aged 16 and 17 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian in order to participate in Shadow Realms LARP

Guides to making boffer safe weapons, shields and arrows. If you have any more questions, feel free to post them in our Props and Costuming forum, or check out our Pinterest!

Guide to Making a Boffer Arrow
Guide to Making a Boffer Sword
Guide to Making a Boffer Shield

These files Adobe Acrobat format.

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